The Epiphany:

I was fifty-five, fat and as a doctor I should have known better. I knew the statistics; I knew I was hurting myself; but after many failed attempts I had given up on losing weight. Then a powerful testimonial from a new patient encouraged me to undergo a simple surgical procedure known as gastric banding to achieve long-term weight loss. Nine months later, I had lost 115 pounds and I was in excellent health. I am now ready to “pay it forward” and help others rescue themselves from the demon of obesity.

The Problem:

Over 33% of our adult population is now obese, many of them dangerously so. Even as they overeat nutritionally worthless, high-calorie foods they know they are doing the wrong thing. Despite diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and other weight-related ailments, they know they are doing the wrong thing. Despite spending tens of billions of dollars per year on diet-related products, they know they will end up doing the wrong thing. They feel they are powerless to stop and don’t know what can they do about it.

The Questions:

  • Why am I so hungry all the time?
  • Why do my diets always fail?

When confronted with a new diet, these are the important questions that all obese people care about. They want to know if there is any chance that the effort will make them normal and whether they will be hungry in the process. For patients who receive gastric banding the answers to those questions are, “Yes, you will get normal,” and “No, you will not be hungry.”

The Solution:

In “I’m Michael and I WAS Fat,” I address these issues and many more from an informed viewpoint. As a formerly-obese medical doctor and now a successful recipient of gastric banding surgery, I share the insights that led to my achieving a dramatic and healthy makeover.

You, too, can be
Life is about choices