Lesson #1 – INTRODUCING Dr. Pickert’s Incredible New Diet Plan

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You would think that there is nothing new for dieters to consider. Every plan has been discussed, every calorie has been counted and every physiological shortcut has been discovered. The only question left is which method would work best for you, or as many men do it, which diet has the hottest-looking advocate. It would be reasonable for you to think this way especially with the observation that there are more than eight million books listed on Amazon for the category “Weight Loss.” (A slight exaggeration) Considering all that, is it possible that someone could present an approach to dieting that hasn’t already been presented?

Yes, it is possible.

I am going to show you that plan and I am certain it will change your life.

Let me introduce you to Dr. Pickert’s Incredible New Diet Plan:


  • I am not selling anything. No pills, no powders, no proteins, no potions, no points. I am just offering you a simple plan that will allow you to control your dietary life. Although I do hope you’ll buy my book at some point.
  • I help you succeed. This is different from other diet plans that actually have a vested interest in your failure. Yes, you read that right. Failure. Think about it. If you have signed up for a program that encourages you to buy food products and or psychological support in a continuing way then the people running those programs have a natural conflict of interest. On the one hand, they want you to succeed. On the other hand, as soon as you do you will probably stop paying them. I am not accusing these programs of bad behavior but still you have to wonder.
  • You will not get bored with my plan. Boredom is one of the biggest predictors of failure in dieting. Eating the same foods and being told to avoid the things you like is, well, boring. Ask anyone who has tried to stay on a low-carb diet for an extended time if they thought it was something they could do forever. Or for that matter, how about protein shakes? Think you can do that day in and day out for a year? My plan leaves you in charge of what you are eating. It’s hard to get bored when you are making all the decisions!
  • Your weight loss will be consistent and predictable. I do not offer any outrageous claims or inflated success stories. You will not lose twenty pounds in twenty days. But when you lose twenty pounds it will stay off, forever.
  • You will not feel deprived. Since you, alone, are making all of the choices you will never feel deprived. Instead you will feel empowered as you effortlessly begin to take control of your weight problem. Following the plan’s ideas will become second-nature after a while.
  • You will enjoy it. When you see how little is expected of you and how small the changes are that you need to make, you will even smile.


Let Us Begin: Debunking Food Fascism

 Does this “advice” familiar?

Don’t eat that. It’s not good for you! You should be eating this, healthy food if you want to lose weight.”

If you’re overweight, you’ve probably heard this or some variation of it a thousand times or more. Eat this, don’t eat that, you must, you shall, you have to and so on. These are the so-called words of wisdom from the weight loss gurus that I have dubbed the “Food Fascists.” They intend to help you lose weight by taking over your entire nutritional existence and remaking it to their satisfaction. Their satisfaction, not yours. As if to wipe out your entire dietary history. Then they intend to reprogram you to eat food they want you to eat: It’s nutritious, it’s healthy, it’s natural, it’s good for you. Not to mention that you will be consuming half the calories you used to eat.

And all of this starts tomorrow for the rest of your life.

Uh-huh. Good luck with that.

Now don’t get me wrong, most of these food fascists are well-intentioned and they are suggesting what they think is in your best interest. They know their stuff about nutrition, understand more about vitamins and supplements, ingredients and recipes, as well as calories and carbs then you will ever know. They comprehend concepts like poly-unsaturated fats, Omega 3 vs. Omega 6, and the virtues of cold-pressed olive oil.


But what they don’t understand is the mindset of the obese.

They think they do but they don’t. Take for example this advice I recently observed at a popular culture health website. They suggested among others things to approach your weight loss one pound at a time, maintain a positive attitude, don’t succumb to your cravings and to remember your goals when you are weak.

Good generic advice for someone trying to lose weight, right? Not! Platitudes like these may be good for someone trying to shed five or six pounds but for someone who can’t even get an accurate measure of their weight within five or six pounds they will find these ideas useless.

Most heavy or morbidly obese people have dieted in the past; some of them may have even been quite successful. But 95% will ultimately regain most of their lost weight and many of them will climb even higher. We are like the mythical ancient Greek king, Sisyphus, who was damned for all time to roll a boulder up a hill only to watch it roll back down whenever he neared the top. Except we don’t have boulders, we have big appetites.

Why do we fail? Have we been damned for all time like Sisyphus for some past transgression?

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