Lesson #2: Dr. Pickert’s Incredible New Diet Plan – Debunking Food Fascism (Part 2)

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Debunking Food Fascism (Part 2)



Last month I began by introducing the Plan and explaining its benefits:

  • I am NOT selling anything
  • You will not feel deprived
  • I will help you succeed on a long-term basis
  • You will not get bored
  • Your weight loss will be predictable and constant
  • You will enjoy it

Then I began Debunking Food Fascism:

  • Eat this, don’t eat that . . . FOREVER?  !#@! that
  • I don’t want to be programmed, I just want to lose weight!
  • Food Fascists don’t understand the mindset of the obese
  • Most obese and heavy people know how to diet but 95% fail
  • Why do we fail . . . . .?

That will be our starting point today.

Why we fail on our diets:

There are three main reasons why we fail on our diets:


We get bored download (1)

We get hungryimages

We cheat0511-1002-1604-1302

Most diets rely on cutting back or completely eliminating the foods that we like the most. These high-calorie goodies are frequently our comfort foods: snacks or treats that we rely on to make our world feel just a little bit better when we need an emotional pick-me-up. Unfortunately, comfort foods are frequently high in calories. That’s why they give us comfort! Obviously, that is not a good habit but that is what we do; they taste good. These bad habits are the reasons we’re heavy or worse.

Another dramatic change in lifestyle that is typically demanded of us by mainstream dieting methods aka Food Fascists is that we have to cut back on high calorie meals. Pasta, high-fat content, sugar, bread and on and on all suddenly become taboo, or at the very least we have to eat a lot less of them.

These old favorites of ours are then replaced with new items that we are told are better, more nutritious and definitely healthier.  Enter the vegetables, the beans, the salads, the lean meats, the plain fish and so on. You know the drill. Maybe they throw in some special powder meals, those fabulous shakes. Or you watch your points or take pills or some magic potion not to mention the special supplements or even a combination of all of these!

Now at the beginning of your new gung-ho diet, you think, “OK. I’m willing to give it a try. After all, _____ (fill in the blank with the name of a friend of yours or a friend of a friend or maybe some celebrity who followed the plan) lost _____ pounds this way.” (Insert a number from 20 to 100)

A couple of weeks go by and you’re doing pretty well. The scale shows that you have lost anywhere from 5-10 pounds. Sadly this doesn’t represent “real” weight loss; most of it is from a different water-metabolism as you switch to a calorie deficit. I call these extra, unearned pounds “owsies.” But after two more weeks you lose almost nothing as you work off your owsies. The days drag by as your scale continues to show the plateau.

You start getting a little bored eating the new things day after day. More importantly every day you notice that it’s getting harder and harder to keep the hunger at bay. The Food Fascists told you that you would be satisfied with their new nutritious and healthy menus. But you reflect that maybe it isn’t as exciting or fulfilling as they claimed it would be. That skinny-as-a-rail nutritionist who gave you the recipe for ____ (fill in the blank with something you never would have considered in the old days) was probably never heavy or overate a day in her life. What does she know about a large plate of pasta dripping in extra thick tomato sauce and meatballs the size of basketballs. You miss your old standbys, a pizza sounds pretty darn good right about now, doesn’t it? So you wait until your wife/husband/partner/friend isn’t home one night and you quickly eat a pepperoni and sausage pizza. Make sure to throw that box away before you get busted. Now didn’t that taste good? Better than a salad, bag of Steamable string beans with a piece of blah fish the “size of a deck of cards” right?


Oops! Your diet is about to crash and burn!


That’s right. You might as well give it up. Once you get a taste of the bad old ways again, it is almost impossible to regain the discipline and willpower to resume the new way. But wait, don’t some of these Food Fascist programs call for reward days or “off weekends?” Yes they do, to an extent. But none of them call for a return to the worst of your old habits. A large pizza with all the trimmings or two or three big Macs and fries is way more reward than is permitted.

OK. You get it now. You failed because you got bored, you were hungry and then you cheated.  This sent you down a slippery slope to failure . . . again.


So is there anything we can do to avoid failure?

You bet there is and that will be our next lesson.

NEXT: How to maintain success on your diet

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