Week 12: 58 pounds lost. I was feeling pretty good about it and knew I was more than half-way home.


Week 12: 58 Pounds Lost. Eileen, proud of her new dieting machine, V.S.O. (Very significant-other) This was the first day that I went over 1000 calories. I had been averaging about 650-700 before that.


Week 18 - 75 pounds lost. Wearing size XX here and it was a little loose.


6 1/2 months - 102 pounds lost to 222. Time to lose the beard. (I had promised Eileen, my V.S.O. (Very Significant Other)


6 1/2 months - 102 pounds lost. What a diference!


8 months - 105 pounds lost to 219. In Hawaii with my brother, Steve, also a physician.


8 months - 105 pounds lost. I made this my profile pic on Facebook.


9 months - 115 pounds lost to 209 and FINISHED! Looking and feeling normal.

April 12 - BM7.jpg

12 months - 115 pounds lost and with a family that was very supportive. Lindsay, Eileen, Jake, Todd, Stacy.